Hair Journey

I’m all about that curl power. But it wasn’t like that back in the day.

Okay, so first of all, as a baby, I didn’t have much hair. Seriously, was I even a girl baby?! Lucky for me, I had big beautiful brown eyes to make up for that fact.

So, okay finally when enough time passed the spirals started sprouting. I had achieved greater lengths and the locks were locked in, baby.

blah, blah, blah I do recall everyone and their mother wanting to brush my hair. I received numerous compliments. From, “Que bonito cabello!” to “Let me brush your hair.” I also recall them all saying que era bastante cabello. Something I now wish was still true, but I’ve been shedding like crazy at different parts of my life.

And with that, there also came different stages of hairstyles and haircuts, and I’m not referring to that one time I was forced to get what was a weird attempt at short bangs because I slept with gum and it somehow ended up in my hair. No, I’m referring to the stages where I try to manage my hair.

I’m talking about the junior high years where I wish I had straight hair, because “how much easier would it be to style it” so I would just do the ponytails, with few exceptions. I’m talking about the phase where I finally got my very own flat iron (goodbye iron) and was able to straighten my hair better and wore it like that because, yuck curls. Gosh, what was I thinking? Up to the time where I killed my hair by dyeing it. The worst mistake of my life. To now, where I finally embraced the curls for the past few years, but still struggle to maintain the beautiful bouncy curls that seem to only happen on wash days, and when I use the good products that work on my hair type. Oh, yeah, because before I wasn’t even aware I had a hair type. I do now.

Now, I am currently acquiring more knowledge about my type of hair and ways to better care for my curls. I call this my hair journey. I’ll write all about that and include it in the Hair Stuff tab on the site’s menu.

I’ll showcase photographs of bad hair days and the afters. I’ll try new products and review them. I’ll even be trying out different methods on how to get the most of the curl and see which one works best for me.

If you’re like me and are obsessed with a fan of curly hair, or want to know more tips and read product reviews, you might want to stick around with this journey. Or if you are an expert with curls, please drop me some hacks in the comments below. I’d greatly appreciate it.