Part 4

As promised, here is more about my fitness journey. In part 3, I left off stating I was in control of my workouts, (for the most part), but how I struggled with my diet. Now, I have never liked saying, “I’m on a diet.” Because lexically, it’s the kinds of food that a person, animal, or…

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Part 3

As I attended my pity party (as mentioned in part 2 of my fitness journey), I did end up packing so much weight. Perhaps you’ve heard of a female packing way too much for any vacation trip, well this comes close.

I had gone from cheating to get my flat stomach back to my banana bread top.

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Part 2

One day, I decided I had enough… I had enough of guzzling sodas like they were water and eating like every day was a buffet. I had enough of not being able to fit into my jeans without squeezing in only to cause a huge muffin top to appear. Did I say muffin top? That…

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